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Stephan Widera (born in Bremen, Germany) is a photographer and multi-genre artist based in Düsseldorf / Germany.
He studied design in Krefeld (Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences) with Professor Günther Dohr and Professor Rolf Sachsse and became a visual artist.

His work includes people, landscapes, travel, architectural, street photopgraphy, experimental and conceptual photography.
Stephan Widera is a creative artist whose practice spans both traditional and new media techniques.

Widera’'s (often multi-media) works include also installation and film.
His photographs and mixed-media artworks have been included in numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States, in Galleries, Museums and at Art Fairs. His work has appeared in numerous publications and websites

Over the past years, the scope of his work has shifted and expanded significantly. It increasingly focuses on rather more abstract and "conceptual" work.

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